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If the cost of living in Britain is getting you down and you have enough capital to invest in a new home abroad, what is keeping you in the grey and rainy surrounds of Milton Keynes or Shoreham when you can sell your two bedroom flat in the UK and live like royalty (minor royalty, of course) in other parts of the world where housing costs are a fraction of those in the UK and the standard of life on offer is better anyway. A fine example would be an investment in properts to buyin Estonia. While much of the country does not have the same standard of living as most parts of the UK, there are some destinations which are perfect for (and tailored towards) investors from Western Europe and the USA.

Some surprising bargains are to be found when looking for property in Italy. While prices in desirable parts of the cities are predictably close to those in Britain, the gorgeous Italian countryside is ripe for investment right now and is increasingly popular among British buyers. Many people are choosing to retire to a farmhouse in Italy now, as opposed to the traditional dream of retirement houses to buy in Spain and living among an expat community. There are mixed feelings in the host communities about the influx of Britons: most people are generally in support and appreciate the extra wealth brought to the regions, while some are opposed to the inflation which is a natural consequence of this very wealth. Before purchasing a property, it makes good sense to pay a visit to any region in which you are considering living before putting down any money.

Amazingly, a ski property in Andorra now represents better value than an equivalent property in much of South East England. If the prospect of spending snowy winters on the slopes appeals, the Spanish speaking principality could be the perfect location for you to invest your hard earned cash. The advantage with Andorra is that such a small economy is unlikely to suffer from any major tribulations, which could be an issue when looking at ski property in developing markets. Not that investing in property in Slovakia, Bulgaria or Croatia is necessarily any more of a risk, it is just that less is known about the markets in these countries and, as such, some people would consider purchasing investment property in France a more stable, long term investment.

If you have the finances and motivation, moving abroad can be a truly rewarding experience, both personally and financially. If you have always dreamed of living in the vineyards of Southern Europe or by the stunning lakes of Scandinavia, what is stopping you?

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